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Stone Shed Bread all began because I was often ending up with a few slices of mouldy old  supermarket bread in a plastic bread bag wit a plastic tag. I decided to try making my own bread to cut out this plastic waste.

The idea of sourdough had always sounded too complicated, but this time I decided to give it a go right from scratch. And I fell in love with the process. To practice more I made lots of bread and gave it away to friend and neighbours. To get better at making bread, you definitely have to make more than you can eat, but as it turned out people liked the bread, and the business was born! 

Sourdough is a wonderful mix of science and creativity. As an environmental scientist, the technical side of it really appeals, bread recipe development is all experimentation! The ability to use local, sustainable ingredients, and to be part of a developing local grain economy is something I’m really passionate about. 

My main bread flour is single origin Flinders Ranges Premium Flour from Orroroo. All my other flours are locally milled at Four Leaf Milling at Tarlee. My salt comes from sea water at Vivonne Bay in KI via KI Salt. Most seeds are also from Four Leaf Milling. Most of the fresh herbs are homegrown by me. 

The health benefits of sourdough have been a wonderful way to help my customers. Many people have told me they have been able to happily eat Stone Shed Bread, when other yeasted bread can trigger gut issues. The long slow fermentation in sourdough bread can improve digestibility, and increase bioavailability of many micronutrients. 

I love the taste of fresh sourdough bread. The ‘sour’ level varies significantly from almost unnoticeable to mouth-puckering depending on how the baker tweaks the process. At Stone Shed Bread I keep it to the less-sour side of the scale, because that’s how I prefer my bread! Once you have tasted beautifully fermented and baked sourdough it’s hard to go back to supermarket bread. 

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of MPFM.

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