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Riverside Farm - Barossa Valley


Our Pasta

Our delicious artisan pastured free range egg pasta is handmade by us on the farm in the Barossa Valley. We use only Australian durum wheat semolina, organic beetroot and our pastured free-range eggs.  With the freshest eggs from our farm, our pastas have the unique and authentic flavour of fresh homemade pasta. A strong and robust pasta, it is suitable for a rich, heavy sauce or something simpler such as a pesto. 

Flavours include: Gluten Free (very popular), Natural, Garden Spinach, Organic Beetroot, Carrot, Lemon Myrtle, Turmeric.

Our Eggs 

At Riverside we produce some very fresh, delicious pastured eggs. They come from hens that are tended to by hand and roam free on green pasture under blue skies. We never stock more that 90 hens per hectare and supplement their feed with a locally sourced grain. They're protected by our beautiful Maremma dogs Atlas, Nero and Donna. Raising our hens the way nature intended produces some pretty amazing eggs!


Ph. 0420 969 819