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Four generations of our family have come together to bring you quality Australian locally dried fruit.

It started with Darrel’s Grandmother and Mother buying a 10 acre fruit property at Renmark way back in 1957.

Darrel and Charmaine decided to start Niche Fruits in July 2013 after there was no outlet available to sell their produce. They decided on this venture as they felt the Australian dried fruit was not widely available because of the glut of imported fruit in Australia.

Charmaine and Darrel are very proud to be able to bring you their quality produce. Niche Fruits now allows them to bring their Australian dried fruit (with a twist) at affordable prices to the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market, as well as Australia wide.

Drying fruit is hot and hard work and they say they have their hands full from the pruning right through to the harvesting, drying and packaging of their fruit.

They featured on Channel 7 Better Homes and Garden Show with “Fast Ed” Halmagyi on November 10th 2017 making a Christmas Fruit Cake using their dried fruit medley.




Phone: 0477 814 999 for Niche Fruits

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