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Plants in Barrows

After more than 47 years Paul continues to propagate & grow vegetable seedlings, herbs, ground covers, pond plants, edible aquatic plants, succulents, fruiting plants and ornamental perennials and is really enjoying his small scale plot at Younghusband. Our plants are growing in an organic potting mix and we avoid spraying of anykind.We believe in growing only what is in season and do not use heated glass houses, so that the plants ready to join customers gardens. Marie, Paul and Prue are all qualified horticulturalists with many years of knowledge between them. They enjoy nothing more than helping their customers with growing tips and trial a number of their varieties so they know what it is like to grow the plants beyond the pots and punnets first hand. Everyone’s garden is different and has different growing conditions and we like to talk to our customers at the Farmers Market and not only sell plants, but help guide their customers so they too can grow their own food and become a little more self sustainable.